Welcome to DeNova ApS

DeNova ApS is part of Halsnæs Industripark located near the harbor in Frederiksværk. We work with recycling and reuse of waste. We are a private company that strives to recycle and utilize as much as possible of the resources we waste every day as waste. This means that we primarily work with industrial companies and incinerators around Denmark.

The area around Havnevej 25 houses both small and medium-sized businesses that work closely with each other.

Below you can see which companies are located here - and read more about the individual companies.

DeNova ApS

Havnevej 25
3300 Frederiksværk
CVR: 60857016

Direktion Jimmy Opfermann
Tlf.: +45 30 42 54 00
Email: jimmy@denova.dk


DeNova reception
Tlf.:  +45 47 77 26 12
Fax: +45 47 77 26 42