Nova Newtech

Nova Newtech is the newest company at Havnevej 25. The company has invested in an oxygen plant, thus producing oxygen for industrial use. In this way, Nova Newtech can supply the surrounding companies with oxygen for cutting burners, etc. The facility is located in newly renovated premises on Havnevej.

The idea of having our own oxygen plant arose when we read our bills from other companies that produce and supply oxygen. We found the bills unreasonable due to various extras and taxes. Our goal is therefore to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to figure out what costs are spent on oxygen - and thus no suprise additions to the bill when shopping at Nova Newtech.

If you are interested in getting a non-binding offer for oxygen for industrial use, please feel free to contact us at  tel. +45 23356091.

DeNova ApS

Havnevej 25
3300 Frederiksværk
CVR: 60857016

Direktion Jimmy Opfermann
Tlf.: +45 30 42 54 00


DeNova reception
Tlf.:  +45 47 77 26 12
Fax: +45 47 77 26 42