DeNova Metal

In Denova Metal there is also a focus on recycling and recycling of iron and metals. The company has a close cooperation with Nordsjællands Metalhandel. Similarly, the company is at the forefront of several projects.

Currently the company is in the process of filling the inner harbor of Frederiksværk. The project originated after many years of flooding problems in connection with various autumn storms. In cooperation with Halsnæs Municipality's sluice project, Denova Metal started coastal protection work in June 2017. The project ensures industrial areas and Frederiksværk city to kote 1.5 against flooding. It is yet to be decided what the area will be used for, as that is dependant on a local plan that has not yet been prepared. We expect the project, with actual spills and filling, to extend over a two-year period.

Our goal with the new quayside is to create a cozy harbor environment, where there is space for water sports, canoeing and fishing as we realize that many citizens in Halsnæs Municipality have a close relationship with the area.

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Direktion Jimmy Opfermann
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