About DeNova

DeNova Aps is a modern waste sorting company specializing in sorting waste in fractions that can be recycled. We are thus sorting out iron, aluminum and other metals so that they can be recycled in other reprocessing plants. We also sort different plastic types which is later reused by the plastic industry.

DeNova is housed in the former DFJ, the Forende Jernstøberier, where there has been heavy industry since the 1930s. Many of the oil-fired boilers and wood-burning stoves that exist today in Denmark are molded on site. DeNova took over the buildings after DFJ and has since worked to maintain and refurbish the old industrial complex.

Much of the waste that was previously driven to either landfills or incinerated contains materials that can be recycled with the proper sorting and treatment. In this way, the environment is saved for more loads.

When metals are recycled, one avoids getting new raw ore in mines. It also avoids the highly energy-intensive reprocessing of raw ore as the metals recovered in waste can be recycled directly to steelworks and the aluminum industry, for example.

Similarly, recycled plastics also save the environment from high loads. When plastic burns, toxic gases and greenhouse gases form some plastic types. In the least harmful plastic types, only CO2 and water vapor are formed. But as far as most plastics are made of crude oil, which is a fossil fuel, this combustion charges the environment in exactly the same way as any other burning of fossil fuel.

Today, DeNova is still striving to find new ways to recycle and process what others might consider waste.

About waste

Every day - year-round - each Danes creates approx. 7 kg of waste. This corresponds to an annual production of waste of approx. 13 million tonnes. It is a big challenge to ensure that this waste is collected and processed in the right way. It is also a big challenge to recycle as much as possible to waste so that the resources in the waste are not lost.

At De Nova, we see it as a challenge to see the values in what others think is waste. The modern society is throwing away many potential resources that can be recycled, for us it is a challenge to save the environment at a load - and at the same time create a successful waste-based business.

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